The First Dollar from Side Projects

After 3 years and many hundreds of hours spent on side projects, I’ve earned my first dollar with the pro version of Vora, a fasting tracker available on iOS and Android.

The pro version unlocks the 4 graphs to the right in the image below:

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Fast Duration Box Plot, Fasting Activity Heatmap, Fasting hours per week, Start Time Histogram, End Time Histogram

Since yesterday, 12 users have made the $5 purchase to unlock their graphs and to support the future maintenance and development of Vora.

For me, this is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in my career.

Also, the heatmap is one of the coolest graphs I’ve ever made, so here’s a closeup:

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You can see that I make up for the weekend on Monday with a small eating window. On Saturday I often eat breakfast (at Kaleva Cafe), and I eat late into the night on Friday and Saturday.

I’ve been doing an 18:6 (18 hours fasting, 6 hours eating) for 2 years now and really like the diet.

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