Vora: 11k Users With 100 Years of Fasting Logged

Mark Halonen
Aug 5, 2017 · 2 min read

2.5 months ago, on May 19th, I launched Vora on iOS and Android. Vora is a fasting tracker that’s mostly used by those practicing the intermittent fasting diet. Since the launch, 11,000 registered users have logged 41,000 fasts for a total of 100 years of fasting.

My 2 cents on fasting: Modernity has removed stresses on our bodies that our bodies are built for and used to. For example, our bodies are built to be exercised and there are detrimental effects of not being active. Thus, we must consciously choose to exercise for our own health. The same is true for fasting. A constant food supply is a modern and unnatural schedule that our bodies are not built for. Therefore we should choose to go periods without food.

Here’s what the app looks like:

For fasters, the psychological effect of having a bar chart growing with their fast is real. No one wants to restart their bar chart just for a Snickers bar. I was originally using the Zero fasting tracker, but it was buggy and wasn’t engaging enough for me to use it consistently. My brother Brent shared my sentiments and suggested a fasting tracker with a social aspect. Hence, Vora.

The social aspect of the app was launched only a couple weeks ago and has been greeted favorably even though it lacks many features you’d find on a more mature social media app. The social aspect gives the app a chance at going viral.

I’m a freelance developer located in the Midwest available for hire. Now that development on Vora is cooling off, I’d be happy to write your mobile app. Check out my website to learn more.

Vora is written in Javascript on the React Native platform and uses Firebase on the backend. I highly recommend both of these platforms as they allow for quickly developing products.

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