Vora Hits Milestones 📈

Mark Halonen
Feb 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Vora has surpassed 100,000 registered users!

Some other awesome statistics:

  • 52k monthly active users
  • 66k pounds lost ⚖️
  • Nearly 1 million fasts
  • 50k published fasts with 100k “likes” 👍
  • 100k downloads and 1,000 ratings in the Play Store

I also posted Vora on Product Hunt, pitched at a local meetup, and did a fun interview on the “Tomorrow’s Tech” podcast!

I have yet to spend a single dollar on marketing Vora (not that this is optimal), so it’s been fun and surprising to see the progress it’s made.

The pro version of Vora unlocks these cool visualizations

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