The Top Women of Silicon Valley

It is outright assumed that in the heart of Silicon Valley lies male dominance. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Ben Silbermann, Reid Hoffman, etc. are a few people considered to be spinning the wheel of the hub. They are all males. But it does not lead us to ignore the incredible role of women in Silicon Valley who have incredible and equal roles, and who come nothing short of profound brilliance when compared to the men.

Silicon Valley in California is home to leading global tech companies, startups, and businesses. They are the players who are constantly impacting our lives. The giants like Facebook, Uber, McAfee, Tesla, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple, are to name a few. Women’s role in Silicon Valley is largely debated due to allegations of prevailing sexism in the business hub. But the truth is that there are some amazingly talented women, leading companies and sitting on top of the chain. These women have led inspiring lives and are great contributors to the companies and firms they are associated with. Here are some of them –

Sheryl Sandberg: Popularly known as the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and Founder of, Sheryl has made quite a name for herself. She happens to be the first woman to be elected to the Board of Directors at Facebook, Inc. Sheryl has spent a healthy run in Silicon Valley before taking over as Facebook’s COO. She was actually the Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google. She also launched, a philanthropic wing developed by Google.

Anu Deshpande: Investment Banker at Woodside Capital Partners is renowned for being a top investor, investment banker and advisor to startups — advising internet and software companies globally on Mergers & Acquisitions and financing transactions. She is also the first woman in the history of tech/startup world to have a globally recognized and highly acclaimed video series, Tech Talk With Anu. On her show she interviews tech founders, CEOs and finance gurus. Her in-depth her knowledge and understanding of the tech industry, her way of asking intelligent, thought provoking and difficult self reflective questions while being fully engaged and connected with her guests (as if two best pals are simply having a private dinner conversation) has kept audiences worldwide intrigued.

Marissa Mayer: She is popularly known as the former President and CEO of Yahoo!, and she decided to resign after the tech company was acquired by Verizon for over $4.8 billion. The Stanford-graduate, Marissa is a long-serving player in Silicon Valley who has always given incredible advice to people around the world, stemming from her experience.

Susan Wojcicki: The CEO of YouTube needs no introduction. Before taking over YouTube, she served as the Senior VP of Advertising and Commerce at Google. Her tenure at Google is of great example because she led a phenomenal role in the tech giant’s advertising, commerce and data & metrics platforms like Google Analytics, AdWords, Offers, DoubleClick, and Adsense. A Harvard University graduated, Susan also worked at Bain & Company and Intel before joining Google.

These inspiring women serve as a true example of women being from a league apart in Silicon Valley, diminishing all stereotypes of women staying behind in the tech ecosystem.

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