Is your Property NOT Working? Here’s how to FIX it!

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In This Video We Discuss:

  • Why Property Has Not Been Working For You
  • Steps To Take To Make It Work
  • How To Adjust Your Mindset For Success
  • How To Take Responsibility For Your Success

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Hey, I’m Mark Harvey. And in this video, I’m going to be going over. Why does property work for some people sometimes? And why does property not work for other people the other times? What is the key ingredient that people are missing when they’re searching for all of this data information and a step-by-step strategy? so what is super important is that you need to get the correct knowledge. You need to know the steps and you need to know what it is. You’re ultimately, you need to know what it is you’re doing. Now, check out the other videos that we’ve got on this channel, which will give you more how to on certain strategies, how to get started, how to buy deals with none of your own money. And if you’ve got no time and no money and, and how all that works. So you’re going to need to know how to do that. But one of the key ingredients that people are missing in this search for it. And I understand why, because it is invisible, yeah. Is invisible. But what it actually comes down to is people are looking for deals. People are looking for raising finance. They want joint venture partners. They want good team members to be able to deliver projects on time, on budget and all of that good stuff. So the need to bring all together. And I’ve said it many times. What I love about property is that the business aspect

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of it, it’s the easiest business I’ve ever been in. I mean, I’ve built several multimillion pound companies from scratch some from absolutely nothing. Some that had already started that, you know, um, I became a partner in and took to the next level. But when it comes to property, the reason why that is the easiest business I’ve been in, because everything is already there, everything is already there. The product, the demand for the product, uh, the people to enhance your product, you know, solicitors, brokers, builders, uh, you know, everything has already settled. Like the councils, the, all the regulations, all your, again, planning, architects, like all those people are already, they’re already in place waiting for someone like you to come along and be able to instruct them and build, you know, wealth for their business, for your business and provide good standard of living for people. I mean, hopefully that’s ultimately what you guys want to do, but here’s the key ingredient. The key ingredient is what’s going on between these ears here, what’s going on between these hairs, because I’ll tell you what it is. It’s when people don’t have the belief. So they’ve got, when that absence of belief and confidence is that I need to break this down a little bit, and this is super important. So make sure you get all of them, but to say here, because when people are looking for the deals, really what is happening, there’s a

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intention to go out and find the deals. And there is a counter intention that, Oh, I may not find that there, or it may not work out. I’m going to give you a little bit of background on why this happens, but then what you can do about it, because why this happens is there’s something called charge, which you could say is like, uh, out of control life force. So this is, you know, life force the energy, you the, the doer. Yeah. Uh, out of control life force, but also like what happens is it manifests as emotion. So these emotions are like fared out, worry, anxiety, maybe embarrassment, and all of these things that can show up anger, maybe happiness, joy, uh, adventure, like whatever is associated with. Maybe I’m going to find a deal. Maybe I’m not going to find a deal. So all of these things are going on at this time. And this thing called charge is actually on the positive of you finding the deal. So the doubt sets in because you want to stop yourself from getting the deal, because what happens if you get the deal accepted? Oh, wow. Now you’ve got to pull things together. Now you’ve got to raise the finance. Now you actually may need to quit your job because you can go full time in property. Not many people. When I say not many people, I mean, no one is talking about this aspect of stuff.

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Why? Because it’s invisible. But really if you look back and I look back at my success, Trisha success, if I look back at all the real life tri people or the people on transformational chairs day, they’ve got one thing in common. The one thing in common is that we were able to work through with a crap train in a credit application. The coaching worked through those difficult times where doubt worry, fear was all set in there and the little voice was going crazy. And you want it to be taken out of the game. All of that stuff that was happening, we were able to work through it. That’s, that’s the same thing that everybody had in common. And there’s different levels of this, by the way. And if you fail to handle it or work out on every level, then, uh, it’s a difficult time. So how do we handle it? How do we sort it out? The truth is what it comes down to is you’ve got to go in with the thought process that everything is going to work out. There are so many people that sometimes because of the fear, the anxiety, they want to almost prove them selves, right? That for the rest of their life, they were, you know, just working for a paycheck or something. Now it’s like, Oh, well, I can get passive income. I can build a business. I can have my own thing. I can make

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it in property. I never thought I could buy a property with no money. And it’s almost, they want to prove that old self, right? Yeah. Because if they prove themselves right, that it works. There’s this thing they’ve got to overcome. Well, you know, before it was doing it wrong, I mean, that’s just insane. And there is no right or wrong any way. But that’s one thing. The other thing is that if they go ahead and get some training or education or some information, they watch some videos. Then what they’re going to do is, uh, when it gets a little bit tough because they’re probably still not continuing their education, or they’re not invested in the right real education and got coach and got mentor and got a supportive community around them. So in the absence of all of that, when it gets a little bit off, they need someone to point out. So they say, the video is crap. This is crap. It doesn’t work that way. You didn’t tell me that. She didn’t tell me that. I mean, I’ve had, I’ve seen people. They go through that process a lot. Oh, I didn’t know that. Well, you have read it, but that’s not how really education works. You don’t just read that. And then all of a sudden your life is changed instantly. It may have changed the course of your life because of a new insight, which you can now take into a

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new experience, but you got to put it to work. And how do you put it to work? You’ve got to start taking steps. And how do you take the step as you’ve gotta be fully, fully, fully open, you’ve got to drop your resistance, drop ego drop, wanting to be right. I know there’s a saying, I first heard it from Tiara, Vaca. I don’t know who came up with it, but he’s like, do you want to be right? Or do you want to be here? Yeah. Because there’s both is not going on because people go so far to, you want to prove themselves right. Then, then, then they get in the way of all the success and all the opportunity in all the great people and all the great things that they they’re literally coming in their way. So there are a lot, there are a lot of misconceptions around what has been perceived as the law of attraction. Now that, that the fact is your thoughts are 80 forces. They’re like magnetic. And they creates a lot creative, but they, they attract similar and like energies. So whether you are thinking that you can do it, or whether you’re thinking you can’t do it, you know, uh, uh, Henry Ford, he says, yeah, okay. If you think you can, or you can’t you’re right. Well, that, what that is is you put in that vibration on. Now I did a program, which you can have go

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and take a locker and go register for it called discover your true potential. So online program, where we actually go into the science of how energy and vibration works. Now, if you want to ignore this stuff, it’s blight to say, I’m going to ignore the law of gravity. And this is what it comes down to guys or white people is making it or not making it in the world of property investing. I’ve literally taken what I’ve done in all the successful areas and August multi-million pound businesses that create pour into property and was able to build a portfolio of a four and a half million were none of my own money in less than 18 months. Yeah. And that was really, we made a lot of mistakes. You know, a lot of things happen, went wrong and we were still able to achieve all of that and make money. So really what’s what is it required if you’re going to be successful is to understand that, Hey, you can choose your thoughts. So you need to choose them wisely. And like, whatever your thoughts are on your thoughts, direct your attention. Yeah. And your attention directs your life. Yeah. And it’s going to direct your property journey and it’s going to direct what’s going on for you. Are you going to raise the money or you’re not going to raise the money? I mean, we just got news the other day and I’m looking forward

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to doing that video our 19 year old kid financially free just in a few months, when we say financially free is a bit low view of terms. So this guy is now can go full-time into property and his income that he needs to do to be able to pay his bills and live the life that he wants at this stage is taken care of through his deals. So what does this come down to? This comes down to thoughts. This is where is he put in his attention? Because if you’re a teacher engine is on a lot of the time, because this is what yeah. Happens. Oh, well, if it don’t work or what if that goes wrong away from a building, don’t do this. Or why for don’t get the refinance. What if I can’t pay the investor? But what if I lose money? Whereas the lockdown continues. What if Brexit happened? They’re like the retention is on all of the things that are not working. So you have the intention, you want it to work because you’re doing, you’re watching. If you’re watching this video, you probably wanted to do it. That’s why you’re watching this video. That’s why you seek and research it. But if you know that intention is going out, that counter intention is also happening. So you’re saying, yeah, I want the deal to work. But also the deal is not going to work. Same with investors. It’s like, Oh,

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you know, who’s going to lend me money. So, you know, I’m watching other people doing it. People have built millions and millions of pounds. A portfolio made millions in cash income because they’re able to work with private investors, joint venture partners and raise capital. So they’re able to raise capital to do it so people can see that that that’s happening. You know, that’s not a myth anymore. I mean, it’s happening. I’m telling you, I’m doing and continue to do it. But that’s the intention that, yeah, I can, I want to do the same. But then the counter intention is all, but it’s not going to work out. Who’s going to lend me money. I don’t have any credibility. And people are looking for excuses. I mean, that’s all a whole other different video, but what I’m talking about is that intention and the counter intention of making it work, having it work because you know, getting out your comfort zone, go and get in the right strategy, take an action, sticking in it when it gets tough and all the rest of it, that is absolutely all relevant. But if you miss this one key thing and it’s like trying to ignore gravity, just because you can’t see, I mean, can you see wifi? Can you see the wifi? No. You can’t see it. Does it work or does your phone work well then yes, the wifi has worked. So some things working beyond what

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you can see here, and this is actually what is happening, where whether you’re making it or you’re not making it. So I’m just going to summarize and give you the key here. Because when it actually comes down to is taking responsibility, if you’re able to take responsibility that you are the creator, you created everything that showed up in your life, all this people, the situations and the events, good, the bad and the ugly, you know, some people say, Oh yeah, well, you know, I, wasn’t thinking about a car crash, a car crash, a car crash. I wasn’t thinking about that. Yeah. That’s probably right. Most people don’t know, hopefully nobody does. But if you’re pulled up at a traffic lights, you know, and someone then goes into the back of you, first instances, it’s like, Oh, that can’t be me. I didn’t attract that. I didn’t create that. So the other person, well, here’s the thing. How, how have you been feeling and that, you know, the last few weeks, Oh, I’ve been feeling really frustrated, angry, upset, and fearful and worried. Yeah. What feeling does when the person goes in the back of you create, because it’s gonna be those similar and like energies is going to be the similar light thoughts and feelings. That’s why you bring that into your life. This is awesome news for me. And it needs to be awesome news for you as well. Because from here, you can

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realize that anytime anything happens with any deal, but I’ll tell you something every time anything happens, like, Oh, we get a deal or it doesn’t work out. Or there was a building I’m like, great, thank you. Either the universe, I’m not ready for it. I was gonna, you know, something was going to go up or actually there’s a better opportunity coming along. And because my attention is not on that anymore. My attention I’m on our wide open, ready for the next opportunity. It’s bigger. And it’s happened many times. I’ve lost count of the amount of deals where I’m like, yeah, we’re going for it. We’re going for it. Going for it. Something changes something shifts. And it’s like, Oh yeah, okay. Temporary little light, downhearted moment, but get the energy and the focus straight back on the positive. And what’s the opportunity. What’s the learning here. And bam, the next opportunity pops up and it’s right there. Now this actually comes down to doing the right thing for the right reason. Because when you do that, you’ll always get what you need and what you require when you require it. The challenge for most people is that these things like the money, the right deal, the right person who comes along, barley shows up just in the Nick of time. So the question is, can you stick in the game? Now, if you want any help with this, reach out, make sure you do subscribe

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to this YouTube channel. Like it comment it let’s spread the word because this is a key ingredient that’s missing from most people’s, uh, arsenal when it comes to having the right tools in their kit for succeeding. And let’s face it in life, but I’m talking about property investing here. So I want you to get the right deals. I want you to be able to raise the investment. I want you to be able to advise to society because listen, it’s all good. And it’s all great. And the more we do this and the higher, the standard goes, the bigger, the opportunity sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s exactly the way it’s working. That’s how evolution is working. That’s how things are happening. As things progress. There’s always new opportunities. So do remember to do the right thing for the right reason, because that is the only way you’re going to just give you a treat..