SPACE10 open sources The Growroom

Just finished cutting one of these for a client so now your sphere is in the southern hemisphere ;) (I’m in Oz)

There are a few changes I’d recommend to improve the ease of manufacture (enlarge reliefs to enable utilisation of larger 3/8" compression bits and squeezing the parts to fit within a 1200x2400 sheet) but overall it came together very well. Like others have posted I cut the taper pins in a more economical (time and material) fashion.

Just a side note which I’ve also posted on the GitHub download site, shelf parts “B” of sheet 9 and 10 have some omissions which would be good if someone corrects. I fixed mine but don’t know how to post an updated file.

After putting the Growroom together and showing our young grandson I’m keen to modify the design into a Death Star flat pack cubby house (play house for you northerners.

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