3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Business in 2016

As a marketing guy I’m often asked the “if you were me…” question by associates looking for insights into how to move the needle on their businesses.

Those conversations got me thinking. What if I was them? With that in mind, here are my top three choices of things you do to turbocharge your business in 2016:

1. Mobile

Whether you’re local or global “mobile” must be a primary component of your business strategy. Here’s why. Mobile phones and tablets have overtaken desktop computers when it comes to online shopping and web browsing. Over 50% of purchases and website visits respectively come from mobile devices. And, over 90% of emails are now opened and consumed via mobile devices. Not a fan of email? Well consider this. People who are reading your emails are clicking links to your website from their devices. That makes it imperative that your website is mobile friendly. Need another reason? Google penalizes websites it doesn’t consider “mobile friendly.” See for yourself here https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ When all is said and done, we are a mobile society with more people than ever relying on mobile devices to access everything from email and websites to their appliances in their homes.

2. Social Media

Social media is a business tour de force. Way more than having a Facebook page, social media has changed the way people interact, how brands market, the way companies empower employees and how customer service is provided. Due to these phenomena it is imperative to employ a strategy to be successful. To create one, start with these questions — Who is your audience? What social networks do they use? What are you trying to achieve by using social media? What resources do you have to create content and/or manage your social networks? With the answers to those questions in hand, you can create a strategy and plan to take advantage of what is certain to be a mainstay in business.

3. Search

Review your website statistics and you’ll see that a significant percentage of visitors come via search. Just because you’re receiving that traffic doesn’t mean it is the right traffic — your prospects. Once the purview of people who “tricked” search engines into ranking sites favorably, Google has changed the game so people like us can do it and win. Your goal with search is to not only keep up, but to be viewed as an authority on what your business stands. This translates to a mix of old and new techniques. For the former, make sure your site is structured soundly, use the right tags, and find/use backlinks. Then, make sure your site is mobile friendly and share useful and relevant on a regular basis via social media and your website. Yes, mobile, and social are now as much a basis for search engine success as the techniques of the past.

Feel like you’re falling behind? 2016 is the perfect time to catch up with these quantum shifts in business and marketing. With a little strategy and the right tools, you will see increased business results in 2016. Happy New Year!

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