The understanding I have of the Glocality concept is a mixture of both Globalisation and Localisation. All experience is local and this includes everything ‘what we see, touch, hear, smell, and taste is all experienced through our bodies’ (Meyrowitz. J, 2004, p. 21). The perception is local is fast becoming glocal and individuality is being lost to a glocalised world.

My social and cultural identity has been shaped through my parents and siblings. From my hobbies and interests to the religious beliefs and values I follow. My family has shaped those aspects and views on my life. As one of four siblings, all of us attended a catholic primary school and a catholic secondary college and took an interest in sport, which has been passed on through my siblings’ kids. My three siblings and I have a shared interest of spending summer holidays on an annual basis at the family beach house in Torquay.

My own personal experience of interplay between global and local, is achieved through my employment as a sports coordinator and sports reporter at the Ocean Grove Voice newspaper.

The Ocean Grove Voice fortnightly publication allows me to interact with many people within the local community. Globally, the Ocean Grove Voice uses an internet webpage to publish news electronically and is across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for readers, to read up to date news locally. My friends that don’t live in the Ocean Grove community associate me with the Ocean Grove Voice publication through the paper’s global social media platforms. I don’t live in the town of Ocean Grove, and while I am a 20–25 minute drive from the town, the fact is it is the local community I belong to. The unique work role I have allows a Glocality perspective and an ability to work from a remote desktop when I am not at the Ocean Grove Voice office. In 2011, I worked remotely in this community-based role at the Ocean Grove Voice. I lived in Queensland and filed reports for the Ocean Grove Voice newspaper from the Gold Coast for a period of time. This demonstrated how global integrates with local and how I have allowed Glocality to be a part of my work life. This example demonstrates integration between Globalisation and the Media and how the media work I produce has a global platform.


Meyrowitz. J, 2004, ‘The Rise of Glocality: New Senses of Place and Identity in the Global Village’ (p. 21).

Ocean Grove Voice,

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