Adding Drama To Your Black & White Photos

View from the Creative Soup Building in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

We received a fair-sized snowstorm yesterday, and if anyone was out on the streets at dusk, it was an incredibly photogenic evening. This shot was taken from between a car park and a building, thus the option for a vertical, or aerial composition. When converting a photo to black and white, you can often get more mystery or drama when the shadow areas are pushed even darker. This normal pavement pathway now takes on the poetic form of a stream flowing between snowy banks.

There are a number of ways to make your black and white photos “pop”, and one of them is this; make your dark areas even darker. Most all photo editing apps will allow you to adjust what is called “shadow” or “black” areas. Keep the brighter areas the way they are, and only work on the dark areas. You should come out with some very cool black and white images!

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