I have been really digging into the republication of Pacific War while moving to a new locale and sorting through the current pandemic maelstrom. Pacific War has become my happy place and I recently completed the first reorganization of the Campaign/ Strategic scenario rules that are now off to the team to work over.

In the meantime I am now playing out each scenario and based on 35 years of additional research I am altering the orders of battle accordingly. These are historical scenarios that are rooted and focused on the then battlefield reality. Scenario balance is not a priority…

End of May Design SitRep

Well the end of May 2020 has arrived and I continue to work my way through the Campaign/Strategic rules for Pacific War. Before I go on let me put this into context. The original game had a programmed set of rules that worked quite well for teaching the game, but it was difficult once you knew the game to easily find a specific rule since some rules had to be parsed across each of the different scenario types. For example, there was a critical rule that stated that you could not amphibiously disembark in a…

I’m a few days late on my next Blog post, but I shifted my location this last weekend and today is my first day to breath and get back to work. First I want to thank everyone for their support for this title. It is now near 1300 pre-orders and therefore will get published. I am also getting lots of good feedback on little things that folks had used to get around the logic of the rules. These perceived ‘loopholes’ that let people rationalize using ‘cute’ tactics’ will be closed if just to avoid hearing ‘look at me and how…

My blog was always intended to be a place for me to capture my design and gaming experiences. To the extent that it was interesting and useful to others was just a cherry on the sundae. So, this very long story is just the archive of what I wrote prior to shifting over to this site.



Thursday, 2 November 2017

Design Diary 2017
Topic: Design Diary

I realized that I have been so busy that I have not posted in a while. …

Pacific War VG Cover Art

Blog Reboot

It has been a long while since I used my blog as a design diary, but with the COVID sheltering in place I find my self on another step in my life’s journey. While I never thought I would be in this circumstance, I suspect I am not alone here.

For this reboot of my blog I thought I would begin by focusing on Pacific War. Pacific War was originally published by Victory Games in 1985. I was 31, a new father, and running a game company in NY. Now I am 65, a new grandfather, and running my game…

Mark Herman

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