I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

Good analysis. Let me add another dimension to the discussion. First, I have just returned from a trip through the countries of the old Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe. Their history is a laboratory for racial division politics. The U.S. could go down the same road, if the authority of the central government diminishes sufficiently. Tito held it all together for awhile with a police state, which is where it seems the U.S. is headed. I think there is a way to understand the situation by looking at people and their relationship to energy and its proxies, wealth, money and power.

According to my working theory, all human organizations, from nation states to religions, companies, clubs, tribes and families, operate on the same principle: They must harvest/generate/sequester more energy than is required for their basic operation in order to grow, evolve and/or reproduce. The energy might come from dues, making products or providing services. The members for their part, have the same motivation. They must receive more energy from their membership in the organization than they put in. You work on an assembly line, the company pays you more than you could make as a farmer. You pay dues to a union, they get you more money in return than your dues. Your church promises you benefits of some kind, you put money in the plate.

The minute the perceived benefit ratio slips below 1:1, the member is out of there like a shot. Or many shots, as in a revolution. In Romania, the communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, put the country on a starvation diet in order to pay off foreign debts (and line his cronies’ pockets). The army obeyed him because he paid them more than they could make in a starving country. In 1986, he ordered the army to fire into a crowd of about 100,000 peaceful protesters, killing 900 or so. The very next day, the army decided that its benefit ratio was too low, arrested Ceaușescu and his wife, gave them a one day trial and the next day shot them dead. That was the end of communism in Romania.

To get back to the story, racial discrimination is used to advance one group’s interests against “others.” In Yugoslavia, there were something like a dozen racial and religious groups fighting for dominance. In the U.S., there are the “Outsiders,” (hispanics, asians, muslims, etc.), the “entitled whites” and the blacks. As the national government loses its ability to provide benefits to its members (roads, bridges, education, health care, safety, etc.) it is natual that some whites would see their benefit ratio slipping below 1:1. Of course they blame other ethnic groups that they see as competitors. When they feel sufficiently threatened, they will fight.

In Romania, the revolution lasted one day. Today we have Brexit and Trump. The Trump voters were clearly saying, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” We’ll see how it turns out.

Thanks again for the throught provoking article. I gained energy much in excess of the effort of reading it.

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