Zero-Point Energy Makes Power Pervasive & Free
Sean Everett

Zero point energy is certainly a noble (or Nobel)l idea. All life forms seek to harness additional energy in order to grow, evolve and reproduce. An unlimited supply would certainly be helpful.

However, nothing is free. The oil in the ground is “free” for those who undertake to get it out. Energy has to be collected, stored and distributed to be useful. More energy means more infrastructure to manage it, not less.

If a lower cost form of energy was to come along, the existing companies would be all over it in a heartbeat — because — the money is in the management and distribution, not the collection. They would happily ditch those multi-billion dollar drilling rigs that insist on blowing out and wrecking their companies.

In reality, we need three to ten times the energy we now produce to bring the whole world up to a modern standard of living. Whether it is zero point or fusion or Rossi’s LENR or monkey farts, we need to be thinking much bigger for the future. Thanks for pushing the envelope.

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