Grammar: Nobody Invited You To This Party
Nathaniel Mueller

Like yourself, I would describe my vocabulary as somewhat limited. …and I definitely overuse punctuation. My spelling is impeccable though, so at least there’s that :)

I have often lingered on the idea that the one truly major feature we humans have that distinguishes us from all other living beings is the ability to communicate with words. It seems downright disrespectful to our ancestors to not use this evolution-given right to the best of our abilities.

While thinking about this, I thought of an analogy that seems somewhat apt. Perhaps it’s like clothes. Behind closed doors, nobody cares if you walk around naked. So, when you jot down thoughts and scribble ideas and purge your brain, grammar isn’t really important; it’s the content that is. But when you’re writing for other people, your words, until merged with the reader’s brain, ARE your ideas. So you should use them well, lest your message be diluted.

Thank you for the thought-provoking essay.