I’m curious how little effort you put into researching this.
Ashley Davis

I spent an incredibly small amount of time researching it. That said, the mark you identify contains specific features (notably the color and the dot) that are not part of the repo name. As I understand the repo, it didn’t fall under the goods and services for which they registered. It created new project templates; it didn’t deal with mobile device display and playback, nor with wireless messaging, nor with providing an interactive website featuring non-downloadable software. Similarly, 85023952 also covers only specific categories that don’t seem to match the kik repo. The issue here, ultimately, is that npm did very little to actually require a showing from Kik that the kik repo was infringing. They simply saw that the person who got there first wasn’t friendly when faced with threats of legal action and that Kik didn’t want to pay, so they handed it over. Organizations with such lax standards don’t deserve to be a canonical resource for hundreds and thousands of projects.

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