Learn about the latest updates to NEuler, the Graph Data Science Playground, including a new community detection layout and GDS Sandbox integration.

NEuler (Neo4j Euler) is a UI that simplifies the onboarding process for users of Neo4j’s Graph Data Science Library (GDSL). It was first released in early 2019 when it was used to onboard users of GDSL’s predecessor, the Graph Algorithms Library.

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Leonhard Euler

Over the last few months, we’ve made changes, which will (hopefully!) make it easier to use and get you up to speed quicker with GDSL.

The NEuler Developer Guide contains instructions for installing the app or you can watch the video below.

Installing NEuler

Let’s have a look at what changes have been made.


One usability problem that many users had was working out how to reduce the node properties that were shown in each row of the table view. The screenshot below shows the results from running the Degree Centrality algorithm on the sample Twitter…

NEuler, the Graph Algorithms Playground, now supports the Graph Data Science Library

Just under a year ago we released NEuler, the Graph Algorithms Playground, which made it easy for users to learn how to use the Graph Algorithms Library.

Its successor, the Graph Data Science Library, was recently released, which meant that NEuler needed to be updated to use that instead.

I’m happy to announce that as of version 0.1.16, NEuler is Graph Data Science Library ready. It has also been renamed to be the Graph Data Science Playground!

This version is only supported by Neo4j Desktop versions 1.2.5 and higher, so you’ll need to update that as well.

If you had an older version of Neuler installed, you might need to uninstall it first before you install this version due to the renaming.

Import databases created in Neo4j Desktop to Neo4j Aura, the graph database as a service.

So we’ve been using Neo4j via Neo4j Desktop for a while now, building up a formidable collection of databases, and then a few weeks ago we learned about the launch of this thing called Neo4j Aura.

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Neo4j Aura

Neo4j Aura is the simplest way to run Neo4j in the cloud. Completely automated and fully-managed, Neo4j Aura delivers the world’s most flexible, reliable and developer-friendly graph database as a service. With Neo4j Aura, you leave the day-to-day management of your database to the same engineers who built Neo4j, freeing you to focus on building rich graph-powered applications.

We’d like to give it a spin, but need to figure out how to get those Neo4j Desktop databases imported. There is a tool called push-to-cloud, that can be used via Neo4j Admin. But that means we have to use the command line. …


Mark Needham

Developer Relations Engineer @neo4j

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