One you’ve never heard of: Perry Jones, 19, killed by the police
Katherine Reed

Growing up in middle class european family in small town New Zealand I was apt to be rather cynical of people that criticised the police and talked of brutality etc. Knowing some of the people who did so had attracted police attention because of a propensity towards being involved in shady activity made their complaints somewhat biased. However my career as a teacher and then youth worker in South Auckland gave me more insight into the kinds of headlines being discussed today. Whilst NZ has had a lot less police shootings of people of colour (in our case mostly Maori and Pacific Island) the issue of unfair treatment from police is undisputable in my mind after 30 + years of listening to young people recount experiences at the hands of police. I still have a reasonable amount of confidence in our law enforcement but I won’t rush to support their version of events when it seems like a different approach could have resulted in a better outcome. I am uncomfortable that racism still has a grip on some within developed/ western nations to the extent that it causes people to be denied the right to be treated with dignity, fairness and justice. Thanks for highlighting this in your article

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