I Never Spoke to a Black Man Until I Went to Mizzou
Jeff Huffman

Thats an interesting article Jeff. I come from New Zealand where its very multicultural and on the surface the mix between the indigenous maori and colonizing europenas from the British isles looks ok. But dig beneath the surface and theres lots of unsaid or quietly said prejudices and racist attitudes. Predominantly these are from white people and often they are couched in very reasonable sounding rhetoric. “We want our child to get a better education than our local school offers” when the local school has a significant Maori and Pacific Island population. “that new walkway/ roadway makes it easier for thieves to target our community” when a proposed new access is between 2 communities, each significantly European or other…and so on. We never had slavery, but we did have land grabs. We didnt have civil rights battles, but we did have insidiously unfair legislation disadvantaging Maori. Many Europeans who are 4, 5 or 6th generation NZers have good relationships with Maori (I’m one) but many of us are completely ignorant of the difficult journey for Maori with the arrival and colonisation of europeans. We’re only just waking up 200 years on…keep waking up your people Jeff.