Then there should be a separate app for the iTunes Store (which should absolutely, positively be rebranded — again, “tunes” are a minority and the concept of buying individual “tunes” is quickly fading into time).
A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

So true! This “Thing” better known as iTunes is scaring my mac. Once I reach the iTunes icon my mac immediately opens my activity screen to show my what happend if I actually press the iTunes icon 😉

I love apps like Waltr2 that make an effort to change the way I like to (not ☹️!) use iTunes.

WALTR converts-on-the-fly & transfers music, video & ringtones in ANY format (even FLAC, MKV, AVI) to the iOS device without iTunes. After receiving the attention of more than 100 leading tech publications, we are more than confident — WALTR sets the bar high for its competitors.

If someone know more apps like this that help to reduce to use of iTunes, please share!

Good article sir.