10 Shopify Apps to Get You More Sales

It’s always great to use solid apps to help increase your sales. It’s very important to have the right tools in your arsenal to make things a lot easier to your brand. Luckily, there are good apps that you can integrate with your own software to create a more efficient business. You need this to funnel more traffic and increase your sales for the long term. With that being said, there are 10 shopify apps to help you boost your sales and overall increase the business.

1. Printful

Do you have an ecommerce site that needs logos and prints? Well, Printful helps you create your own custom t-shirts, posters, and print products. This is perfect for the graphic designer or someone who isn’t experienced in graphics to find another avenue to expand their brand. You can order samples of your products for 20% off just to ensure that you like the design and how the actual material feels on the body. Everything from totes, pillows, mugs, and other creative products can be created for sale by using this great app. It’s a good way to diversify your product line.

2. OSI Affiliate Software

To start off the list of quality software, OSI Affiliate Software is a great way to help you increase your traffic and sales through their referral software. It’s all about making things easy to keep your focus on other portions of your business. You won’t have to worry about coding a bunch of things when it’s done for you and all you have to do is embed it in your store. The great thing about this is it integrates your ecommerce software like Shopify to the service. You’ll be able to keep track of referrals, sales, and even test data. Take a look at what’s offered.

3. Pre-Order Manager

Do you have a product that you know is going to sell like hotcakes but you want to release to the public a little bit earlier? Well, pre-ordering is great way to draw in clients early. Your early adopters are the people that end up being long term customers. You can use pre-order manager to set a date for products you intend to sell later. You can increase the demand by saying that a pre-order has a specific discount or there’s limited quantity before the main sale. This app enables you to turn your pre-orders on and off, create a good pre-order button, and other features. You’ll build buzz and initial sales by using this app.

4. LimeSpot

One of the best ways to gain more income is by upselling your products. After a person buys something, you want to read the behavior of the customer. That’s where Limespot comes in to save the day. You are able to use social proof to learn what your customer enjoys and suggest a product that may want to buy. It’s a smart way of creating a long term customer. You can set up recently viewed products from the customer, create a better recommendation box of products, and it’s easy to post with your store. This kind of attention to products will get more page views, and fully customize the way it looks to your customers.

5. Better Coupon Box

A good pop-up helps bring more attention to your store right from the start. This app allows you to create better box to convert visitors into leads, followers, fans, and customers. You’ll promote products at a discount, which already draws in their interest. It’s a good way to boost sales and upselling because the discount will encourage them to buy more. This is a very smart thing to promote over your social media profiles because you can draw in leads to your page at the least. Also, it’s a good way to keep updates to your social profiles because you can post the link directly from your site.

6. SEO Doctor

SEO is still a big portion of gaining traffic. Some of the smallest things can off-set your site and actually decrease your ranking, which hurts your traffic and sales. SEO Doctor helps you fix your site from creating better URLs, keyword analysis, meta tags, and fixing any issues that may demote your page from being bigger than it should. You have the advantage of working with a real live human instead of using a simple plugin. As a result of getting to these issues early, you’ll have a better site that appeals to your core audience. This will in turn help you get better results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other major search engine to draw in more traffic.

7. Alt Text

It’s all about being more accessible to your audience and the search engine. Your site may have great images, but what words do you post on the back end to draw in traffic. Remember, the search engine can’t read the image, but they can read the text behind it. You need the right alt text to really optimize your images. Why? You need it to be readable and ranked well. Alt Text helps you come up with the right description to help index and optimize your product pages. You’ll get more traffic to your page as a result.

8. FirePush

Getting notified of important things is one of the best to ensure you gain more sales. The updates you send to your customers or prospects can be one of the better ways to help you increase your traffic. For example, what if someone had viewed products but forgot to buy? You never know if there was a distraction or something that turned them off from buying a product. You can send them a notification that they abandoned their shopping cart. This is a good way to get attention to buying products they already liked but didn’t purchase. You can give them a custom coupon code to encourage a sale as well as any high demand items that are back in stock.

9. Segment.ly

Segmenting your marketing in a bunch of ways will help you build a more efficient brand. Segment.ly is perfect if you want to test the waters between geolocation targeting. Know what the users from a specific area likes to buy. Also, you can create a coupon specifically for buyers that purchase at price point. For example, if your customer buys $50 worth of merchandise, offer them 20% off. If they buy at $100, offer 35–40% off the original price.

10. Receiptful

One of the problems with most businesses is they don’t engage after the purchase. Receiptful helps to increase the engagement after they buy something and gives you another opportunity to gain another sale. You’ll send a notification or recommendation that will encourage them to go back to your store. That’s the end goal; keep them coming back. The email allows you to get feedback from your customer’s experience, refer a friend, and even give discounts on your customer’s next purchase.

These are just some of the ways you can increase your traffic and sales using Shopify apps. What are some Shopify apps you use for your brand to increase your bottomline? Drop a note below and share.