Tonight’s the night. We set it off.

Remember to have your ticket on hand to access the beautiful world that is the Marking Out eco-system. We are expecting a high number of attendees tonight so to ease access, it will be super handy for you guys to be prepared.

Seb & Antony are running the show

You’ve all met Antony and Seb before but you just don’t know it. Seb is in charge of the Cheap Pop Quiz whilst Antony heads up our content division (we have divisions ok); these guys will be running the show tonight. 
Doors Lock

As per every event, the doors close at midnight and after that, there will be no admittance or re-admittance due to the lock in status of the night.

Downstairs Tickets

We will be attempting to show the PPV downstairs N-Sync with upstairs thanks to the wonders of technology (a large cable). If this doesn’t work out then we’ll find a way to shoehorn you guys in upstairs; can any of you work the bar?

Getting home afterwards

There are buses that run throughout the night to take you back to central so that’s a good thing right. A suggestion though is to see if anyone is going your direction and to Uber-Pool it back.

Overground trains start running again at 05:30 so if you can hold up fast in McDonalds until that time, then we salute you.

The PPV itself

Be yourselves; be brilliant. We will be filming for the next promo so if that’s cool with you, then great. Talk to the person next to you; who knows you might find a new friend.

— — —

Lots of love