Small Business need Big Logos

The first thing that strikes our view sight whenever we look at the company’s portfolio is its logo and eye catching logo appeals to all especially talking in context to business and entrepreneurship area ,the logo appears on all the company’s letterhead, communication marketing and advertising pieces .The logo has to be designed and crafted in such a manner that it potrays business portfolios ,professional stability and reliability ,the logo must be crafted in such a manner that it promotes the awareness of the company and allows it stand out. The logo must be designed in such a manner that it intricately represents values and services of business in a memorable visual image format.

The various renowned companies have different logos that are eye catching and appealing. It is rightly remarked that it is the presentation that matters the most. Small businesses and startups needs a definite logo as to provide the vision and mission of their company moreover it should reflect some newness into it. Different startups are budding up every day and in a competition to over throw each other they are bent upon of reflecting their creativity and vision in the best possible outfit but they are unaware of the momentousness of the logos .The importance are enumerated below.

· To look bigger and established

· To attract the clients

· To increase the chances of earning venture capital or of selling the business

· To brand oneself and convey the reputability

· To give clients a sense of stability so that if anyone has invested in one’s identity one can remain firm and relevant in customer eyes.

· To explain and illustrate company’s name, aim and vision use of acronym is indeed useful

· Stand out in the field and differentiate from others.

Thus to broaden company’s outreach one must understand the vitality and importance of logo as logo defines a company’s first impression on the readers!!!!!!!