What’s trending this year in Marketing?

What’s gonna be new this New Year-2017?

  1. It’s no secret by now that ‘Content is the King’ in 2016
Indulging into storytelling — doing away with overly branded messages and focusing in on what makes a company or a brand relatable, human, and likable is what the key of Content Marketing lies in.

It seems everyone has received that message loud and clear, and articles are proliferating at an unbelievable rate. Someone recently set up an article alert for the keyword “Marketing Tips” and over the course of 24 hours received 195 notifications — that’s 195 new “Marketing Tips” articles published in a single day. Who has that amount of time (and patience)? This is a wildly different marketing world we live in, which is why I believe that in 2017, content distribution will be critical. Unless you have a platform to distribute your content, you’re just part of the noise

2. The buzz for video marketing has grown for several years, and it’s just round the corner now…

Live streaming, Facebook Live, Periscope, etc. are rapidly becoming more relevant as the people want their information in real time.

What does this mean for marketers? A timeless piece of advice: go where your audience is. If your audience is hooked on Periscope, find a way to personalize and humanize your brand by creating interactive content. You need to be engaging with your audience more and more on these platforms.

One of the most effective ways smart marketers will translate this idea is through video, especially in non-traditional formats. Think 15 second Instagram videos behind the scenes of a brand or daily Facebook VLOGs from the CEO or CTO.

The great news is that it has never been easier to produce video content. With a smart phone and a laptop, companies can easily produce VLOGs, video event previews, interviews, and video messages. Across the world and in everyone’s backyard are talented video content producers who can produce the highly polished videos for use on your homepage, emails, and social/video ads.

3. Business-Owned Communities

We are seeing the rise of niche Facebook groups, and online forums that help to unite a community around a common problem, cause, or idea. These communities are cheap to setup, often run themselves, and provide immense power and value to the business at the helm.

A community is a group of people united around a cause, problem, business, or idea that freely post their own thoughts, answer other people’s questions, and engage around the core topic on a regular basis. Leading an audience is very me-centric — it’s about whatever you want to talk about. Whereas leading a community is very you-centric — it’s about helping the community get their questions answered.

Think about it: how would you like to have your own corner of the internet, where all of your prospective customers hang out, ask questions pertaining to your product or industry, and express their concerns?

It’s perfect for customer engagement, feedback, traffic driving, retention, and so much more. In the end, it just straight up will make your business more money!

4. Micro Moments-probably the biggest change to happen…

Micro-Moments. If you’re like me, the first thing you probably do when you wake up is the same thing as the last thing you do before you fall asleep: You check your phone.

According to Checky , an app that tracks how many times a person checks their phone each day, the average person checks their phone an average of 60 times per day (noting it varies widely). Another Google report finds that we check our phones 150 times per day, which adds up to approximately 177 minutes per day of phone use. One step further brings you to their magic number of 1 minute, 10 seconds per use.

Welcome to the world of Micro-Moments. These are those times when you quickly need to check your calendar, order an Uber, make an Amazon purchase, look up a place near your hotel for dinner, or research a bathroom remodel on Houzz during a break in meetings. All of these moments sit at the crossroads of intent, context, and immediacy.

Marketing is no longer just getting in front of the right people; instead, it is getting in front of the right people at the right time.

Micro-moment marketing is one trend that digital marketers cannot ignore. Today’s smart consumer turns to his/her mobile device to find information on an immediate basis to arrive at a decision. For instance, you are at a busy marketplace and you want to find the nearest Chinese restaurant that suits your budget. Reflexively, you turn to your smartphone to make the search. Such moments are called micro-moments that capture intent, context, and immediacy. In these moments, users look for the most relevant and quick information rather than relying on a specific brand.

Brands have to stay ahead of competition and put themselves right in front of users in these micro-moments in real time. Targeting users simply on the basis of demographic data will not suffice; rather, their intent in the moment has to be captured to send an alert or push notification. If brands are able to satisfy these needs and have themselves discovered, they will definitely emerge as winners.

5. Snapchat- This can be the single biggest impact of 2017…

SnapChat, Yes, even for your company. Sure, the messaging app is easy to dismiss right now as a channel only young (like, young young) people use. And it’s also easy to dismiss as a channel that doesn’t allow for clear, measurable acquisition or conversion. But a year or two ago, you could have said the very same things about Instagram. And I can tell you that for our company, a B2B service business in the very conservative recruitment industry, Instagram has taken a place of surprising prominence in our social strategy over the last year. It is consistently mentioned by our leads — almost more than any other channel we publish to. So SnapChat is coming for you. Because if just-for-kids-not-for-business-Instagram can become a must-use social platform for even the most old-school of industries, then SnapChat will too.

This social media app has the eyeballs and attention and when used properly can not only give behind-the-scenes views into your business but can help forge tremendous and lasting relationships and drive customers into your location RIGHT NOW. Send personalized Snaps to your most loyal customers. Publish to my story throughout the day with value propositions, information, education, testimonials, goofy VIP-only pieces of content, and more. Video reply to consumers. Ask for the sale infrequently. Instead, focus on providing a tremendous and disproportionate amount of value. And mine your other social media channels to drive eyeballs to your Snapchat handle.

The internet isn’t just the internet anymore. It’s like an invasive, non-native weed that becomes part of the entire ecosystem by taking over your apps, your watch, your car, and every aspect of your life. The internet plays a role in every part of our lives, but it’s up to business owners to identify how to target their specific demographic.