You must be wondering what is guerrilla marketing? Well, I am here to help. Guerrilla marketing is using unconventional methods and ideas to promote a product or service. This type of marketing approach relies on personal interaction focuses on small group of promoters and is cheaper than traditional marketing. There are many different types of guerrilla marketing including autosurfing , viral marketing , undercover marketing , wild posting , ambient marketing , presence marketing , experiential marketing , presume marketing and ambush marketing with the ultimate goal of making an emotional connection with the consumers .

But why should we care about this?

The term guerrilla marketing was coined in 1984 by a marketer named Jay Conrad Levinson. The term was inspired by guerrilla warfare which was popularized during the Vietnam war . It was characterized by the sneakiness of the Vietnamese soldiers . They published a book suggesting the new ways of marketing campaigns needed to be discrete , shocking , unique , outrageous and clever while using a smaller budget.

Today guerrilla marketing is used mainly by small to medium sized companies for 2 main reasons . first , it is more cost effective to plan a guerrilla marketing campaign than to use traditional marketing methods. Secondly, small and medium sized companies are concerned with brand awareness . So for guerrilla marketing to be successful it is a creative way to reach new customers and grill the brand.

The most effective example of guerrilla marketing is The Blair Witch Project. The movie was created by 3 film students released in 1999. It is said to be the first movie primarily marketed on the internet. The film was a huge success because the anticipation of the marketers had build up and it grossed nearly $250 millions on a budget of just $600,000.

So there a number of factors one should consider while making a plan but here are some of the key points :

· Instead of investing money one should invest imagination , time and energy.

· Find the core message of your business.

· The message must be condensed in a meaningful 5 second exchange between you and your customer .

· Marketing combinations are more effective than single stream advertisements.

· Do not deliberately provoke your audiences.

Here are a couple of examples of guerrilla marketing