If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

I’m the biggest narcissist than them all, bigger than you, the donald, or $hillary and I WILL BE VOTING FOR DR. JILL STEIN! #f*ktheDNC #f*kINJUSTICE and #f*kNASTYCONDESCENDINGATTITUDES $HILLARY WILL NEVER HAVE OUR VOTES AND SHE CANNOT WIN WITHOUT US. Yes, I am the biggest narcissist of them all and I will vote for a TRUE LEFTIST WHO IS NOT BEHOLDEN TO THE ELITE OR CORPORATIONS. Let the donald destablize the country, we will finally have the chance to rise from the ashes if we survive WW3. BLAME YOUR IDOL $HILLARY FOR THE TRAGEDY. I AM NO F*G SELLOUT. #f*ktheDNC #DEMExit #f*kINJUSTICE #f*kNASTYCONDESCENDINGATTITUDES #JillnotHill #donaldtrumpiscivilwar #donaldtrumpisWW3 #NEVERBOWTOFEAR #StandupforJUSTICE

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