Why I’m Leaving My Dream Job
Carrie Melissa Jones

Hello :-)

I dont now what i hope to read here. when i start this.

but what i read here was so near on my life.

i try to find here in Germany peopel who feel´s like me.

I was my hole live in my one world. All the humans around me makes me konfus. Because they lie all the time and i can see this with 3 Years. But the point is,i becam with (i hope that i can change this)(ex)wife twins at 13.07.2015. to this time i can hold the lies for me. But then comes new Peopel in the game named Ben and Mia. My power for me, my wife, my twins, my work, my lier Familie, fakefriends, was empty and a begann to speek and worked hart on the true. But befor i can change the situations i must kick me and my physikel out of all Huamen Systems.

i fell it when persons try to make false things. I fell it when someone needs help, i now when peopel lie. All the time.

It was so hard for me to see that my kids must go in a world witch is full of the big lifelies.

i like your interest ideas

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