If Warren joins Clinton, I’m Done Supporting Her.
Devin Reynolds

I’m VERY disappointed in her with her show on Twitter with Trump. It does NOTHING.

In the beginning, I felt Bernie went too easy on Hillary — but now, I’m totally happy he has risen above the banter and mudslinging.

I’m still holding out hope that Elizabeth is being threatened (not that that’s a GOOD thing at all, it’s actually terrifying)….but, I can’t seem to think that threats would scare her.

She goes up against big banks and wealthy interests for breakfast.

The longer she doesn’t endorse and doesn’t come out against Hillary, the less faith I have.

Like you, I’m not ready to write her off yet…..I’m still hoping that she is sticking in to fight the bigger fight in case the establishment wins. Maybe turning against the rest of the Democrats would mean she would be severely crippled in her political career to even help anymore….

…..but, yeah, I wish she’d stop throwing child-like barbs at Trump. The Progressives need her.


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