Picture yourself as social media intern
Marquette University

The social media internship that is being offered by the Marquette Office of Marketing and Communication is a great start for me entering into the world of communication. I feel myself being a great fit for this role because I have been an avid user of social media for a large part of my life and I have a high interest in studying the various platforms that make social media the #1 form of communication in today’s society. It is important that people study our means of communication in order to create new and exciting ways to connect even more people.

My ambition with this internship would be to get quality experience and insight into social media. I plan to graduate in the fall with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. This internship will pair these two studies together perfectly for me as I seek real-life experience before graduation. During the year I see myself taking classes and being a Social Media Intern for Marquette while meeting new people every day who aid me in becoming the best person I can be.

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