Essex Chronicles

I’ve lived in Southend, on the Thames estuary, all my life. When I was a child I took the seaside for granted but now I’m older I can appreciate what the coastline means to the communities along it.

‘Essex Chronicles’ is my personal exploration of life along that coast of estuary Essex.

I’m documenting its diverse mix of industry, habitation and leisure, showing how these three things combine and interact with the natural environment to give the coastline its identity.

To some it’s the land of ‘Estuary English’ accents and lazy stereotypes but the estuary has always been a source of inspiration to artists and this is my interpretation.

I started the series in 2016 and see it as a long-term project, covering the whole length of the coastline as far west as the QEII bridge. I tend to go out early in the mornings when it’s quieter and the light is softer.

The latest edit is on my website, here, and there’s more on my Instagram under the hashtag #essexchronicles

Twitter: @markmassey99 Instagram: markjmassey

The Arches, Westcliff-on-Sea.
Thorpe Bay.
Nightclub area, Southend-on-Sea.
Leigh Regatta.
Foulness Island.
Holiday chalets, with petrochemical storage tanks in background, Holehaven Creek, Canvey Island.
Victoria Wharf, Leigh-on-Sea.