Meanings Behind Dress Codes

There are plenty of emotions involved in a simple wedding invitation. If you ever received one and you are completely clueless on what you should wear then we can help understand the definitions of basic dress codes. Whether you will hire your wedding suit or have it tailored to your liking, there are certain areas that should follow depending on the wedding dress code.

Here are the Meaning Behind Dress Codes:

  1. Black Tie

Black tie dress code is one of the fanciest wedding attire options and this kind of event is usually an evening gathering. It requires the guests to wear a black tux, cummerbund, a long black jacket, formal white shirt, along with a bow tie and a black shoe.

2. Black Tie Optional

This kind of dress code is a less formal version of the black tie; it can be a little bit confusing. To make it short a tuxedo is not required, you can choose to wear a dark suit with a white shirt and conservative tie.

3. Casual

The casual dress code is known for a laid-back attitude, this means the wedding will be held outdoors or on the beach. The most common attire for this kind of event are khakis or dress pants and a button up or polo. Sport jackets or sweater is also acceptable. Also, there is special attire you can wear depending on the invitation, such as jeans, shorts and tank tops.

4. Dressy Casual

In this event you should take your cues from the time of the event. If held in the evening wear a darker, formal color and for a daytime occasion use a light coloured fabric.

5. Festive

This one is a newcomer in terms of dress code attire for weddings. It can leave guests scratching their heads thinking of what to wear. Fortunately, this dress code gives the guest the freedom to play with their look and dress. It can be identified as cocktail-party attire featuring bolder colours and playful accessories.

Just always remember no matter how you are dressed the most important thing is that you just need to enjoy yourself and be comfortable no matter what you wear. If you are looking for the leading suit hire shop there are numerous shops that offers the great suits, you can hire suits for weddings check out Tailor Made Suits, nationwide.