Happiness can be right outside your door and if you don’t open that door you may miss it.

61 Years On This Earth and Happiness

Friday, June 26, 2015 I turned 61. To me it seems like I’ve been on this earth longer, but alas only 61 years have passed. But I have to say they have been great.

I won’t say they were always great, but to a certain extent I can say happiness filled my life since I was a kid.

I promise I am not going to relive 61 years of my life. It’s too boring and there isn’t enough time. I’d rather key in on one though, happiness.

Happiness is what you make of it. It can be smelling flowers along a hiking path or in my case smelling my Grandmother’s cooking when I was a kid. I still relive those days in my mind and can almost smell the sauce on the stove and the hear the water boiling for the pasta when I want a happy thought.

I remember the music that made me happy back in the day. One of the bands that played an important role in my life, even though I lived on the east coast was The Beach Boys.

Remember that tune? Does it bring some happiness to your day? Good!

Happiness is all around us and it is up to us to find it and live it. Living a life is so much more important than choosing a life. Think about it for a minute.

How often have you chosen a moment in your life that you didn’t enjoy? How often have you lived a moment that you didn’t choose?

I’ve made some poor choices, but I still lived them out to see the ending. It’s inevitable that we will make choices in life, but living our lives is much more fun. I mean it.

Happiness is there for the grabbing and it’s all about living your life. Happiness can be found in the simplest thing or the most complex. Like when my grandkids come over and act like me at my desk. They grab a pad and scribbled and tell me they wrote their blog post.

Those moments bring happiness to me no matter what they do next. Like spill water or milk on the floor. Who cares, they made me happy with their actions and I love them for it.

I smiled for hours because of that little impromptu copy of me. Even if their scribbling is better than mine.

Happiness is what makes every moment unforgettable. Happiness is just around every corner and underneath every stone you turn over. AS long as you turn the stone over and turn the corner.

Don’t give into the myth that happiness isn’t there. Don’t give into the myth that you can’t be happy. You can.

Just give it a chance.

Take it from this guy!

By the way live life!
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