It’s A Gift!

ADHD and Living Life

Don’t let ADHD stop you from living

If you’re reading this now you either have ADHD or know someone who does. Or maybe neither is the case and you want to learn about ADHD and what it’s like to live with it. Either way welcome to this post.

A little background. What I’m about to write doesn’t make me an expert or even close to an expert in my eyes. Each day I learn more about living with ADHD and how much of a gift it historyis. I’ve been living with ADHD for 56 years. I was diagnosed before it was even called ADHD. Back when I was diagnosed it was called HyperKinetic Activity Disorder. Great name, right?

Oh yea, I scored 99.9 percent on an administered test for having ADHD. The Doctor’s said they had never seen anyone score that high. I studied hard I told them!

Later on they labeled it ADD/ADHD, and the rest is history as they say. What they didn’t say is and what history has shown is that most times kids and adults with ADHD had more problems when taking drugs than without. The drugs with some kids had the opposite effect of what they were intended for. I was one of those kids.

Instead of slowing my brain down and my body so I could function better the drugs pushed me to the limit and the limit of my parents’ nerves. To say they were ready to kill me after one year on drugs is an understatement. Their nerves were frazzled and so were mine. I couldn’t get a grip on anything. I was destined to fail at life at this rate and I didn’t even know what life was yet or what was expected.

After living till now at 63 I know I would have blown a gasket at some point prior to my 20’s at the rate I was going when I was on drugs. It took a year of that for my parents to say STOP the Merry-Go-Round! They took me off of drugs at the age of eight and as I say the rest was history.

My Dad at the time had a connection with a psychiatrist from the CIA who was doing remarkable work with agents in using visualization techniques for helping them when captured. The actual technique was radical for that time because the exercise was to keep your eyes open not closed and visualize. The idea was to still hold a conversation or look into the eyes of an enemy while being questioned and place yourself in some other locale so you could concentrate on what was going on around you.

sometimes I jump around

I know it may not make sense as I’m writing this, but from what I understand agents needed something to keep their minds on when being questioned if they hadn’t been given any drugs. It helped with not only their concentration, but their listening skills. It improved those skills 100 percent according to studies.

Well my Dad thought this may be just what I need. For me at the ripe age of eight it was the last thing I wanted to do. I was scared of doctors as it was due to all the surgery I had for my polio so I was in no mood for another doctor, especially one I had to go to three times a week.

Let’s cut to the chase. The exercise and practice I went through is for another post and time. For now let’s talk about how it worked.

The system as I call it worked great. Within months and over the course of many years of practicing, which I still do I got better and better at controlling my days with ADHD. I ended up loving the fact that I had it and learned to use it to my advantage in life, business, and everything else I was involved with. Sports played a big part in my life in College and with the technique learned I played better. I listened better and concentrated better.

Everything was clearer for me. I was a better student and person. I could deal with impulses better and when the high strung feelings would come I learned to control them. All of these things worked in symmetry to make me a better human being. I was tolerant of more if that makes sense?

I flourished as business person. I opened my own company. I invested in other companies over the years and helped many companies find their way in this world. I worked with their owners, bosses, and employees to help those companies grow.

There were set backs. I had a big one in 1995 that lasted 10 years. Something we will get into in the next post. It’s an important part of this story that will hep you to see how well this technique worked for me.

But, here’s the thing. What worked for me probably won’t work for you? Why? It’s not about not wanting you to have it, but face it we are different people. Our DNA’s are different which is what makes us, us. So what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. It’s a two way street.

There is a bunch of writers, doctors, shrinks, experts, and other shaman out there that will tell you read my book or do what I say so they can get you hooked on their system. They seel you a bill of goods. They sell you tips and tricks to make it better living with ADHD. In the end it’s the same thing. Their tips and tricks worked for them and probably won’t work for you?

I mean maybe they will. Maybe they have something that works for everyone the same way? I can’t tell you about that because in my 56 years living with this gift, I haven’t seen that. Tony robbins has ADHD and his way of dealing with it doesn’t work for me. I tried it. Richard Branson has ADHD and his way is just that, his way and I have a friend that tried Richard Branson’s way and it didn’t work for him. It just doesn’t work that way in this world.

We are a book unto ourselves. We write our chapters as we live and some people will try to come in to sell you something to better your life, but what it does is sets you back a little until you see the light. You will over time see the light I mean that. It happens and when it does, it’s what I call a V8 Moment. Remember that slap to the forehead commercial when the guy said, “I should’ve had a V8 Juice!” I remember them and they have happened often over the years to me and others.

What I’m here to tell you is ADHD is a gift, and it’s yours to figure out how to live with it and enjoy it. It’s your to explore and see what you can do to harness its power. You can ask others for advice. You can seek tips and tricks in books and through writers, but in the end it’s your journey and one should explore. You should learn and grow from it. You should find out how much of a gift ADHD is.

Along the way it would great to let your loved ones and anyone you care about in on the journey so they can better understand you. I guarantee they’ve been wanting to do that for some time, but your ADHD has kept them at bay. Now it’s time to bring them into your circle and let them be part of it.

Your gift should be shared with everyone you care about. Your gift should be shared with your co-workers, employees, and people you speak with or to as in an audience. Don’t be afraid to share this gift you have. They’ll be interested in learning more. They’ll be sitting at the edge of their seats if you et them in on your success with ADHD and life. They may be jealous in the end. Don’t think it can’t happen because it’s happened to me and others.

If you are living a life in denial of ADHD, you need to find an avenue out. You need to embrace it, learn to love it and rule it so you can be alive again. ADHD is being alive. It’s the culmination of your life’s energy all bottled up inside and waiting to be released at the moment you need it. Whenever you need it for the rest of your life.

See it isn’t a one time deal for anyone living with ADHD. It’s there when you need it. It’s there whenever you need that push to finish. It’s there every day no matter how controlled it is waiting to be used at your beckon call. You own it. You always did. Now it’s time to use it like it as meant to do.

Remember it’s a gift. You can’t and don’t want to give it back. You want to own it. You want to wear it and live it each and every day.

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