April Showers Bring #AprilShowersContest

There’s your hashtag for the contest

You read that right a contest once again.

I figure if April showers can bring May flowers why can’t an April Contest bring us April winners? We had a great spring contest so why not continue that magic, right?

To keep the magic going we thought on how we could make this contest bigger and better. The only way weknow how is to make the prize bigger. With that in mind, this contest prize will be a Starbucks Card worth $10.00. That’s right the big bucks are here. It doesn’t seem like much, but with our budget, that’s about what we can afford.

We wanted to have two categories, poetry and stories, but then we could only give out a $5.00 card each and that would go against our plans for the bigger prize.

So here’s the deal. It’s going to be poetry against stories. It’s going to be content versus content. No matter the form, poetry, Haiku, stories (fiction or non-fiction) you’re all working towards the same thing, great content.

We will make this promise. In the event that we get more sponsors for our publication prior to the end of the contest, (we have 8 sponsors now and we would like to get more so we could give bigger prizes and also reward our writers) We will convert the contest to two categories and give both a $10.00 gift card if the funds allow. We are at $12.20 a month. We would need to raise another $10.00 a month to continue at this rate. If we could get 10 readers/followers to sponsor us for $1.00 per month we are set. Or some sponsors who want to pledge more than things would be bigger, better, and unbelievable.
You can sponsor us by clicking this link!

There are no word limits, but in the end, you want people to read your posts so we would advise to keep them to the two(2)-three(3)-minute mark for anything you post. We don’t know if anyone has a poem that could go for 2 to 3minutes, but if you do bring it on. All we know is that the longer the content you start losing the reader.

So get to work my friends. It’s time to pick your brain and write those thoughts down and turn those thoughts into words on paper. Stop procrastinating. We’re waiting for your best work.

Dates that Matter

*You can start sending in your work as of Monday, April 17th. All entries must be in by Wednesday, April 26th at midnight. Use the hashtag #AprilShowersContest that way we can identify your entry. I know it’s long, but we wanted something special. We like special!

Winner or Winners (if we get more sponsors before then) will be announced on Sunday, April 30th during the day!

Use the below #hashtag:


Want to Judge?

If anyone would like to volunteer as a judge we are looking for help. It doesn’t take much. You would have to read the entries and pick the one (or two if we get to that) you like. Then confer with Patti and Lisa our main judges to choose the winner. Majority rules. I am the tie breaker if needed, but so far I haven’t had to do that. Thank God!

The End

We want to wish everyone the best. This contest is our biggest yet and we want it to be the best one yet so we need your help to make this happen. If you know a family member or friend that would like to enter get them to sign up and we will add them as a writer. They can comment on this post and from there we can add them as writers.

Thanks for your continued support and best of luck to everyone. We’re waiting for your entries.

Remember: #AprilShowersContest


Mark, Patti & Lisa