As We Grow I Learn More

We’re growing daily. We may not be growing as fast as other publications, but we are growing at a good rate and I am happy.

About five months ago I remembered being excited about having 100 members. Now we are at 193.

If you are a writer for this publication, you should be very happy with what you have helped accomplish. I know I am very happy and proud of all the contributors to this publication.

Now it’s time to do more. That’s right just a little more. Not a lot, but just enough to make a difference.

The difference is getting more writers involved in this project. That’s right this publication to me has been a project and will continue to be a project growing.

The project is giving people the opportunity to write without being edited or worried about criticism. The opportunity to write imperfectly and be considered perfect. At least by this body of imperfect writers.

Imperfect writing isn’t about writing with mistakes. It isn’t about writing without checking your grammar or spelling. It’s about writing without being perfect.

Are you wondering what I mean?

Think of it this way. People have thoughts and sometimes these thoughts don’t run together s they should, but you still need to write and express yourself. Then do so. No one will complain.

Maybe it’s a story you haven’t perfected yet or are not sure about where to post it. Well, this is the place to post anything about anything and never worry about a thing. Nice!

So help us grow even more by telling others about this publication. Let me know we are looking for experienced writers, new writers, and anyone who wants to write. We want everyone to contribute and feel good about it.

Spread the word. Be an evangelist for Imperfect Writers of the World. The reward is amazing. You get to be the sponsor of new writers. Some that may go on to bigger and better publications. They start here though, and you started them.

Thanks to everyone who has joined this journey so far and I look forward to the writers you bring in the future.

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