Broadening Our Horizons

Get to Broadening!

What are you doing this weekend? Do you think you have the time to broaden your horizons? It’s easier than you think.

About a week ago a friend and I were speaking on this exact subject. We were thinking how we could learn some new things in a short period. Of course, we also thought that at the ripe age of 61 why would we want to do this?

The thing is I was always taught you never stop learning unless you want to call it a night. I am not ready for that. What I did want to try was to look at something I was totally not interested in, research it on the web by reading any article related to it and then decide how it fit into my life at this very moment.

The hard part was deciding what I wanted to learn. I didn’t just want to pick anything, so I went online and started going through Twitter, Facebook and other sources looking for news stories about something I never knew. When I found something that piqued my interest I read the entire story and then made notes how it affected my life.


Surprisingly I found many events going on in this world that I had no knowledge about before my research that had something to do with my life here on earth, even if only a little tiny fact. It didn’t matter because for that one or two hours of reading and note taking I broadened my view on a topic I knew nothing about only to find out that it did affect my life in some way.

Now it’s your turn. Read some news headlines. Read through Twitter or Facebook looking for something that sticks out. Just make sure it isn’t something you already know the answer too. That answer is, does it affect your life and how?

I will admit that after doing this for a week, I found some topics I picked didn’t really affect me at all, but I did learn something new to talk about with others. Then again I found a great deal of topics that I knew nothing about but did have an effect on my life.

So get to it and I would enjoy hearing from you what you did find out and if you did broaden your horizon in some small or big way.

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