Change is Good!

Changes! Yup Changes Again

At 62 I have the right to change anytime I want

I know change upsets many. I was one of those years ago, and then life changed for me in a huge way, and I learned the art of change. That’s right it’s art.

If you think of change as art, it makes it easier to accept and do. Everyone loves art. It can relax, inspire, upset and change attitudes, but one thing it does is make you adapt. It makes change acceptable and adapting easier.

So with all this being said/written I am making some changes to It’s All Mishegoss. They aren’t drastic changes, but they are changes related to what I stated on the podcast the other day. They also affect the newsletter, this publication, and the podcast.

I am going to add my personal essays on It’s All Mishegoss starting this week. The essays will be short, quick; mishegoss reads that also will be on the newsletter and podcast. In other words stuff, you don’t normally hear or read.
The newsletter has been posting mishegoss news for a while, and it seems to work for some. Now I’m adding my touch to it. I am also going to go back to publishing the newsletter once a day after hearing from some readers. I guess I was totally wrong in going for one day a week.

Not that this could happen, but don’t let these changes disrupt your life. I wouldn’t want that at all. Then again maybe that’s what change is all about.

Disruption can sometimes be good just like Mishegoss. So accept, support, and share. I won’t mind.


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