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The only thing that I haven’t read is how publications will benefit. As a writer if you are accepted into their program (which I wasn’t) will get the benefits of the general membership fee on Medium which is great.

As a (so called) publisher I won’t see any of that foo publishing on Medium. I still have to convert readers to members/sponsors as I call them.

As of now I let all of the work on the publlication open to all. I offer a private newsletter as the only perk for $1.00+ a month. I didn’t want to turn people away that have been with the publication since it started.

Now someone has to pay $5.00 to Medium for premium content and then if they want to sponsor a publication like mine or some that have premium content locked have to pay for that. So they pay twice.

That’s the delemma I have. I am thinking of giving up the membership model due to Medium’s plan. Choices.

Unless I’m missing something!

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