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Congrats Colin,

Recently I started a recipe publication and due to that I received Top Writer title in Food, Cooking, and as of yesterday Love. The love one is based on 4 stories about food, Patti (my wife) and more food.

It’s amazing how they figure this stuff out. They asked me to apply to be a writer with this new idea they have to pay writers, but my writing isn’t good enough to be paid for. I’m not prolific or eloquent is the way I see it. Nor do I give a flying hoot!

I’m happy as I am right now and it seems I agree with some people. That’s good for me.

I was always told if you reach just one person with your message you did good. I’m happy then!

That’s what you’ve done just so you know. You’ve reached me and kept me intrigued with your writing.

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