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Drone Rescue, Mindfulness, Stop Saying I’m Sorry, and more

Here we are late, but here. Sorry for the delay today, but to be honest Mark got behind on things and forgot it was Tuesday.

We hope you’ll join us in forgiving him since he was working with our granddaughter Peyton who he home schools. Today was his usual school day with Peyton and her teacher from Sierra Charter so things were a little nuts around here.

But he didn’t totally forget you. He remembered while sitting around chatting away when the light bulb went off above his head. That’s mindfulness at its best.

Among the reads today are article about a phrase you may often use, “I’m Sorry.” We know we hear it and use it thoseoften and it seems by using it we’re not helping the person it’s being used on. Hm! Need to do some retooling of our vocabulary.

Then there’s the story of the Swedish company who is building drones to aid heat attack patients. Mark needs to keep abreast of this company and keep other heart patients in the loop. Hear that Mark! Yes, Mark has had a few heart attacks and two surgeries due to those attacks. Maybe a drone is in his or your future?

Steely Dan, remember them? They just lost on of their founders Walter Becker, but they are still going out on the road to deliver their music to the masses. Great going guys!

Worried about balding? Mark gave up a while ago and decided to keep his head shaved, but there are many out there not bowing out to the shaving ritual. So here’s a post for you!

Be well everyone and we’ll be back here on Sunday and we will be on time. Promise.


Mark & Patti

“Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”

If you don’t recognize this quote it’s from the movie Love Story. A real tear jerker of a movie from years ago.

Confusion mental health self betterment

The One Word You Need to Stop Overusing | — 
 When we’re put in the awkward position of having to turn someone down — for a job, an invitation, or a relationship, for example — we at least want to let them down easily.

The Word Is Mindfulness!

Lady doing yoga in office

How You Can Become More Aware at Work Through Yoga | Keck Medicine of USC — 
 Oxford University Press defines awareness as “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.” Knowing and understanding arise through experience and our ability to be present through our actions.

A New Meaning To Rescue by Air!

Flypulse drone

Company Using Drones to Save Heart Attack Victims Lives — 3D Insider — 
 Swedish company, FlyPulse, is building next-generation drones to help victims survive heart attacks. FlyPulse’s LifeDrone AED is a specially designed transportation drone with an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Steely Dan Will Live On!


Steely Dan announces first tour after Walter Becker’s death — NY Daily News — 
 Steely Dan is soldiering on after the death of founding member Walter Becker.

Dollars and Cents. It’s The Water!

Miami 20river  20hurricane 20irma  20flooding 26194814 ver1.0 640 360

The-US-has-been-hit-by-two-giant-hurricanes-Heres-the-financial- — 
 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — One monster hurricane can cause serious economic damage. So what happens when two massive storms hit the U.S. within two weeks of each other?

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Prod bald man

Cure for baldness just around the corner? Scientists find new way of triggering hair growth — Mirror Online — 
 A cure for baldness is a major step nearer after scientists discovered a new way of triggering hair growth.

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