Elections, Erections & Ejaculations

When Politics & Porn Come Together?

Politics is like porn to me about now. For the past year and a half, we have heard all of the possibilities from candidates. We’ve heard them fight and trade barbs at debates. Through all of this, we have been led through the same emotions as having sex.

I mean think about it. We get excited about one candidate who turns us on only to be let down and deflated when he hear bad news about that candidate. It takes the “O” out of an orgasm.

How is one suppose to feel right now? Most of us are upset about who was elected President. Sorry, I just can’t say his name any longer I would rather have a porn star elected, oh wait we did. Does he have some porn in his background right? He has everything else. Or is that his wife that does?

No matter what we have for many of us is a deflated feeling like not getting it up for sex. Be honest you have had those days before, and I bet you have a bunch of them right now over this election. The thing is no one can blame you or condemn you. They also do.

These elections and everything leading up to them and now after the fact is the worst ever. There have never been as many riots in the streets as of late. Even porn doesn’t get this much attention.

This is our way of getting off in a bad situation. A way of getting off in a time of need. We are getting erections watching this stuff on TV and thinking I want to be there. Of course, you do, it’s a great high, just like an orgasm.

I hate to compare politics to porn or sex, but this election is right up there for the best comparison ever. I am probably not even getting all of the comparisons correct or on here in this post. I bet I am missing a ton more, but you can add them in the comments section.

What I have seen though is the classic pump and dump of Wall Street scammers. The in and out of porn. The unprotected screw of porn. The quickie of all quickies. The total scam and sham of life. Because life isn’t like this at all just like porn isn’t.

Imagine if your life was like a porn movie or even worse this election? How horrible would that be? I would take a porn life over this election life at this moment in time.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of election news. I want something other than The Donald in my Twitter or Medium feed. Although I understand the need to vent like after a bad night of sex or even a good night, you need to get the word out. Venting is needed and allowed.

Now the question is how do we make the sex, no excuse me the politics more palatable? How can we first get past this crap and move on to new pastures? Where do we turn for good politics?

Just like porn or sex we’re always looking for something better, right? Or maybe it’s something different and new we’re looking for? Whatever it is we are looking for that next big “O.”

I wish I had the answers, but I don’t. All I know right now is everything is elections, erections, and ejaculations and I don’t see an end to them.
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