“Friends”, Friends and Friendships

I have friends and then I have “friends”. The difference is a fine line for me.

Friendships can be a real mofo, but a true “friend” is alway there.

“Friends” are the ones I know will be there no matter what. Whether I am rich or poor, sick or well they are there for me.

Then there are the friends who let’s just say are there for the rewards. Nothing more nothing less. They show up when you need them and sometimes when you don’t.

The thing is friends are friends, but many have their reasons for being friends and I am sure we all have friends and “friends” like I have stated above.

The question we have to answer and figure out is who is who and then sort out the details of what will be.

No matter what friends are friends and I am thankful for both.

How about you and your friends? Do you see differences in your friends?

Helen Keller’s quote today just made me think very honestly about my friendships and where they are at today. Hope it does the same for you?

Helen Keller age 7
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
Helen Keller
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