This Is My Biggest Fear
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, I learned a very long time ago when having to give presentations that used cue cards, note cards or anything written on paper I would screw them up.

Give me a microphone and a topic and I am all set and go on for hours. I even did a two year stint on Blog Talk Radio, 6 days a week for an hour each time talking diabetes and raising awareness.

Along with that show I did a kids show on Saturdays for kids with diabetes and not once had anything written down.

I remember Patti my wife would ask “what are you talking about tonight?” I would answer “you’ll have to listen because I don’t know yet.”

Once I did the intro to the show I would make up the topic.

When I give speeches locally I usually ask about a topic and then just go with what I know when I get there. Sometimes I am told come up with my own as long as it relates to business.

So what I do once in a while is get to the gig and ask the audience what’s on their mind and go with that. It’s a risk, but a fun one that gets my adrenaline going.

Fear is being handed a speech to give by someone who already knows what they want and want me to see it.

I have never done a commercial, but I see what you’re saying.

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