The spiritual expedition of fatherhood
Jonas Ellison

Great post Jonas. Rory is beautiful and luck for a Dad like you as well as you’re lucky to have her.

When Patti and I met her son was 9, her middle daughter was just turning 13 and her oldest daughter was 21. The 13 year old drove me nuts. The 9 year old tuned into me and followed me everywhere. The 21 year old listened to my advice about life as it was.

When the oldest daughter and the middle daughter had kids I had my young grandkids to let me know what it is like to bring up children. Being that I was deprived that joy due to some circumstances, this was a joy.

My oldest granddaughter is now 6 and the middle granddaughter is 4. They both drive me nuts, but I love them. The 4 year old is actually 30 now and talks to me about business and what I do on a daily basis.

Amazing how these kids absorb what goes on around me and them. It is really scary, but so beautiful at the same time.

Thanks for sharing your joy today and Happy Father’s Day!