Healthy boundaries for harmony
Jonas Ellison

Great post Jonas and it hits home. Having 4 grandkids I have had to alter my lifestyle quite a bit. Especially when it comes to rules and boundires and how I set them.

Before life as a “Papa” as I call it my rules and boundries were set pretty strict and I didn’t have room for compromise. Some of that was due to work and some due to lifestyle.

Then after a 10 year refresher in life I kind of let my rules and boundries down a little. Kind of had too! That didn’t make me any less soft, but a little more understanding.

Then grandkids came and everything went to s***! Only kidding. What happened is I learned to become a negotiator without losing ground or too much ground. I learned there was a better way to set rule and boundries where both sides feel a win. That was especially important for the little ones.

As you stated “If you have to hold the line, you’re better off doing it before the anger builds.” This is 110% of life!

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