I Need to Clarify A Quote About the Medium Community
Paul Cantor

Great post Paul. I agree with everything you just wrote. It also affirms what I have heard from so many writers/bloggers who give Medium a try.

I haven’t been the most vocal on here as far as writing my own stories, but I do try to comment as much as possible to get more interaction and even with that I still don’t see that much growth.

On my own blog I see the same even if writing daily. So I don’t know whether a Medium is the way to go or keep both and drive myself nuts posting on both.

I would like to just drop my blog on my self hosted site and just write on Medium, but then I wonder where I’ll end up.

I really don’t want to end up in the writers graveyard, but being here seems to be a sure road to that if they don’t step up their game in only recommending established writers.

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