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Here’s A Thank You, Sorry, & A Thought

Well, it looks like I owe a bunch of apologies to followers who I have never followed back. Mainly because Medium doesn’t always let you know about the followers you have.

As usual Medium has some work to do in the follower department. One big thing for me would be to alphabetize our followers, but who am I to complain.

So a huge apologie to everyone I haven’t added before today. AS of today though you are all added. At least the followers who aren’t trying to sell me something.

Now on to the Thank You’s.

There is a long list of followers to thank for not just following me, but supporting me, my publications, The Life of Papa and Imperfect Writers of the World. Without your support, those publications and my work would just be left in a dream world.

As for the Imperfect Writers of the World, not only do I want to thank the followers, but also the many writers who feel that the publication is making a difference in this world of writing. This publication is not here to help people write imperfectly; it is there to help writers who write imperfectly realize they are perfect. They just need to feel wanted., like me.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts especially this week on the post-Goodbye Maggie. It has been a tough week here in the household and between myself, the family and grandkids we are all at a loss.

I know it’s pet, and you can always get another one, but we have agreed we can’t replace Maggie Mae since we could probably never find a dog just like her. Who would want to replace perfection as we saw her?

Know that all of your comments on that post have been read by the family and read to the little ones who aren’t that good at reading yet. Although they felt the sentiments, you posted in their hearts.

Finally a thought!

I don’t like talking politics. I learned over the years that it usually would lead to a break-up of friends and family. This year is different.

What I am about to say is based on my grandkids and the future I would like to see them have, I don’t think they will have this future if things don’t change.

I do not like Trump. I never have. I worked with him back in the days of Junk Bonds, and I didn’t like him then. I thought he was arrogant, abusive, and just down right mean.

As for Hillary, I am still on the fence on how I feel about her in general. With that being said I feel right now with all the shit going on in this world, we need her. We need her influence and intelligence. Granted we don’t need her lies or emails, but we need her.

I watched Bill Maher last night, and he talked with President Obama. IF you haven’t seen it watch it, it was great. They both made a fantastic case for Hillary and voting in general.

We need someone like her now. If you vote for Trump, our future and our children and grandkids future are uncertain. Or maybe in a way, there is a certainty to their future, but it isn’t what you think.

HIs future is pure Fascism. Our country, and I mean OUR will never be ours again. It won’t be the country we know now. It never will be, and we will lose everything. Our rights, our lives and much more.

In closing, I can’t tell you to vote Hillary. I can ask you to vote Hillary, and even that is aksing a great deal. All I want you to do before Tuesday is think. Think long and hard of the future of this country and what you want. Think about where we are and how far we have come.

After that look at the front runners. Not the Libertarians, or any other political group. Look at the Republican and Democrat running. Votes for them will get them in. If you vote for a party wth no chance of winning, then you are voting for Trump.

Don’t let him be called Mr. President ever.