The Ultimate Gauge of Social Media Success: People
Dustin W. Stout

Hi Dustin, I first want to thank you for mentioning me on your G+ post. HOw you remembered all of the names listed was amazing. What was even more amazing is how you recalled each and every name and how you interacted with them.

I was honored that I would be even mentioned on the list with so many great names from G+, Social Media and SEO folks. Me being a lowly blogger and all. LOL

What I do know is that of all the people I have met on G+ you stand out for a number of reasons. Here are the most important to me.

#1. You always answer my questions without ever the thought of saying I’m tired leave me alone or I need money to answer that.

#2. You always remember everyone in your thoughts. I have admired that since I met you and always will. Thanks

#3. You hold great Hangouts, share great content and give absolutely fantastic advice to anyone that asks.

#4. You are just you and that is great. You are Dustin and no more. You’re not sitting there high on a pedestal proclaiming your expertise. You are just you helping whoever needs help.

Thanks Dustin for just being there of me and a host of others when we have needed you and also to join you in discussions.

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