Hi. I’m new to Medium and am definitely one of the many imperfect writers of the world.
Nathan Eyre

Hi Nathan,

Would be happy to have to aboard. As for publishing if you have published a post on someone else’s publication it can’t be posted on ours, unless you take it off the other publication.

It you have posts from before that are under your name then you can publish them with us. They will go on the main page by date though, not by when you turned it in. Something I’ve had to go over time and time agin with some writers. They thin it’s me not wanting to post their story, but it’s Medium and their system of date recognition.

Other than that as you can see I just want to encourage writers to write. I want to publish and I want writers to write with no worries of mistakes. We all make them especially me

I’ll add you as a writer now and post away.

Thanks for writing


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