Hump Day News or It’s Wednesday, Deal With It!

Welcome to Hump Day or better known as Wednesday.

For some, it’s a few days closer to the weekend, and for others, it may be a Monday, but for all of us, it’s Hump Day.

I picked out stories for today that are not completely insane or mad as much as I feel are worth reading. A couple of stories I can relate to personally, as one of them just recently happened to me.

Like the one below about balloons and kids ears. About a week ago I found a balloon in our tree out front. It was yellow, and it drove me nuts, so I went out and pulled it out of the tree. Since it was a mess, I decided not to give it to the grandkids. I popped it outside and to be honest; it sounded like a gun going off. Even inside they were shocked. So read this article.
The other article is about long-term services for the elderly and disabled. I fit both of those categories, and I’m sure there are some others out there that may like it. If you know someone elderly or disabled, please pass this newsletter on to them for the article.

As for the rest of the newsletter, it’s business as usual except for the fact that I added a podcast at the top so you can listen to the highlights with links in the liner notes.

Let me know your thoughts on the podcast! Send them to me at, or you can comment on Medium where I post this after I send it out.

Here’s the podcast for a quick rundown on what’s below!

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Popping balloon can be louder than shotgun, damage hearing — — 
 Blowing up your kid’s birthday balloons could end in a bang — and hearing loss, new research suggests.

Iraqi Strikes Kill ISIS Commanders, Fate of Leader Al-Baghdadi Unknown — NBC News 
 A wave of airstrikes targeting ISIS commanders at a meeting in Iraq has killed scores of militants, including several senior figures, the country’s military has said.

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Vapers experimenting with illegal drugs bought on the dark web | New Scientist — 
 MILLIONS of people worldwide use e-cigarettes or vaping equipment instead of smoking tobacco. But nicotine isn’t the only drug people are vaping.

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The Urban Institute Model Of Financing Long-Term Services And Supports: A Critical Review — 
 For some time now, certain analysts, advocates, and policymakers have recommended the creation of a new social insurance program to finance long-term services and supports (LTSS) for the working-age disabled population and, in particular, the elderly disabled population.

New forecast tool helps ships avoid blue whale hotspots :: NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region 
 Now researchers from NOAA Fisheries, Oregon State University and the University of Maryland have combined that trove of tracking data with satellite observations of ocean conditions to develop the first system for predicting locations of blue whales off the West Coast. The system, called WhaleWatch, produces monthly maps of blue whale “hotspots” to alert ships where there may be an increased risk of encountering these endangered whales.


India to launch 104 satellites in record mission — 
 India hopes to make history by launching a record 104 satellites from a single rocket Wednesday as its famously frugal space agency looks to zoom ahead in the commercial space race.

Report Focuses on ‘Extreme Torture’ in Chinese Detention Centers 
 For the past 17 years, in scores of Chinese prisons and jails, unspeakable forms of torture are still rampant. One man, Jintao Liu, described the brutal mistreatment he endured and what it was like, in a recent Australian news segment.

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