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I left Facebook about a year ago and concentrated on G+. Google Plus seems to be great for the tech, SEO and social media crowd, but after that everything drops by the wayside.

I agree no matter where you write, it’s a process. It takes time to get noticed and you need to be persistent or else.

The old saying “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” seems to fit every place you choose to write.

What I really like about Medium is the theme. Simplicity at its best and it also makes for a level playing field for everyone on the platform.

Writing at two locations seems to take away the effectiveness of growing a following in that when you get people to follow your blog and then ask them to come over to Medium they make it seem like you‘ve asked for their heart or liver.

That’s where I feel just deciding on one platform for the purpose of being read, followed or anything else is an important decision that needs to be made. In my humble opinion.

Then again, I am not a prolific or eloquent writer. I write because I enjoy it.