I Read, I Write … Therefore I Am …

On Medium!

Okay, so I’m getting a little corny, but you have to admit if you are on Medium whether to read or write, it is pretty neat.

I know there are some bumps and hurdles that still have to be worked out with the Medium layout and UI, but overall where can you find a better looking platform on the web.

My Sicilian Grandmother would tell the girls I brought home “You can no finda betta”, of course in a Sicilian accent

That’s my statement on Medium!

Take a gander at their customer service. I haven’t had one question go unanswered in a timely fashion since I started on here when I received an invite.

I may have used Medium at that point on a once in a while place to blog, but I have grown to enjoy being here, writing here and reading what everyone has to offer. Well, at least the posts I see.

I found that responding to posts can sometimes be just as influential as posting a story and in some cases even more.

Writing has become a passion for me. Some of the passion is for just writing about my life and some of the passion has been for opinions on news stories I find interesting.

Reading has always been a passion, even when I slow down during the summer months. I line up books in the summer for winter time reading on those rainy days we get in California.

Writing on Medium is a joy. All of this white space to view and see words forming into a story form a simple thought. A story that may have started out as something I didn’t really want to write about to something worthy of this white space.

I found that waking up to Medium first thing in the morning has become more important than reading the local morning paper. It has even become my Sunday morning read before the NY Times that I buy at the local store.

Medium is that jolt of espresso in the afternoon when I need that boost of energy to write one more post or read one more story.

Checking out the stats at the end of the day lately makes for a nice restful sleep and thoughts about what to write tomorrow.

I’ve never been on a platform that makes you think creatively for the next day. The community has spoken and it speaks thoughts. Am I getting philosophical?

I think not!

Hey, what can I say, I like Medium for everything it is and isn’t.

How about you? What do you love, like, dislike or even hate about Medium?

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